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(show the drive inventory including type and serial)
(show the drive inventory including type and serial)
> showport -sfp [-d]
(show the SFP ports and their status [detailed list])
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== Virtual Volumes ==
== Virtual Volumes ==

Aktuelle Version vom 6. November 2019, 11:06 Uhr


Infos for HP (creating Case)

> showsys 

(System Information inclusing serial)

> servicemag status 

(shows if any drive was already evacuated)

> showpd -s 

(show the state of all drives)

> showpd -i 

(show the drive inventory including type and serial)

> showport -sfp [-d]

(show the SFP ports and their status [detailed list])

IOPS Stats

statvlun -ni -iter 1 -hostsum


14:09:22 10/13/2018 r/w I/O per second          KBytes per sec    Svt ms       IOSz KB     
           Hostname      Cur  Avg  Max     Cur     Avg     Max  Cur  Avg    Cur    Avg Qlen
     FF1EPPINFVMH02   t  105  105  105    2278    2278    2278 0.42 0.42   21.7   21.7    0

Virtual Volumes


Show Virtual Volumes

showvv -listcols
showvv -showcols Name,VV_WWN,SnpCPG

Create Virtual Volume

createvv -tpvv -pol zero_detect -snp_cpg FC_Snap FC_r6 FF3_VMW_AO_03  4194304
-Tpvv                Thin provisions Virtual Volume
-pol zero_detect     I believe it is needed to thin luns
-snp_cfg FC_Snap     Where the writes will go for snapshots. HP refers to this as snap or copy space
FF3_VMW_AO_03        Name: this is the lun name
4194304              Size: This is the number to 4tb



Set LDAP auth

setauthparam -f -clearall
setauthparam -f ldap-server
setauthparam -f ldap-server-hn STGWPVEURDC02.<DOMAIN>.<DOMAIN>.com
setauthparam -f kerberos-realm <DOMAIN>.<DOMAIN>.com
setauthparam -f binding sasl
setauthparam -f sasl-mechanism GSSAPI
setauthparam -f accounts-dn "OU=PrivilegedAccounts,OU=Accounts,DC=<DOMAIN>,DC=<DOMAIN>,DC=com" 
setauthparam -f account-obj user
setauthparam -f account-name-attr sAMAccountName 
setauthparam -f memberof-attr memberOf
setauthparam -f super-map "CN=SAN_Admins,OU=PrivilegedRoles,OU=Groups,DC=<DOMAIN>,DC=<DOMAIN>,DC=com"
setauthparam -f browse-map "CN=SAN_ReadOnly,OU=PrivilegedRoles,OU=Groups,DC=<DOMAIN>,DC=<DOMAIN>,DC=com"

Check that it works for you:

checkpassword <LDAP-Username>
user <LDAP-Username> is authenticated and authorized

Get LDAP auth config

% showauthparam
Param             --------------------------------------Value---------------------------------------
ldap-server-hn    DC05.<DOMAIN>.<TLD>                                                          
kerberos-realm    <DOMAIN>.<TLD>                                                               
binding           sasl                                                                              
sasl-mechanism    GSSAPI



get network settings

% shownet
IP Address    Netmask/PrefixLen Nodes Active Speed Duplex AutoNeg Status    01      0  1000 Full   Yes     Active

Default route :
NTP server    :
DNS server    :

set DNS server


setnet dns -add


setnet dns -remove